GFK series GFK series
GFK series

 The GFK series suction nozzle self-cleaning filter is designed for high-precision water filtration, with an advantageous accuracy range of 15-300 microns. The high-efficiency backwashing performance ensures that it can work normally when used in turbid raw water. Water enters the inside of the filter from the inlet of the filter, passes through the filter, and flows out from the outlet. The impurity particles are intercepted by the filter, the filter pressure drop rises to a preset value, and the control system starts cleaning. Open the backwashing valve, the motor drives the spiral movement of the suction nozzle to scan and clean the inside of the filter. The filter that the suction nozzle is aligned with is backwashed. After all parts of the filter are scanned and cleaned by the suction nozzle, a backwash cycle is completed. During the backwash, the filtration is carried out normally, and the filter outlet has only minimal flow and pressure fluctuations. GFK series suction nozzle self-cleaning filter adopts close-fitting suction nozzle and dual-channel backwash design invented by LIVIC. HyperSEP high-performance filter is a more efficient, more versatile and reliable automatic backwash filter.


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