Shenben (Shanghai) Industrial Filtration Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing manufacturer integrating development, design, production and promotion of filtration technology and filter elements. The company's products are widely used in fine chemicals, medicine, food, electronics, machinery, petroleum, environmental protection and other fields Liquid and gas filtration, and provide a complete set of supporting projects in the above fields. The company is engaged in the management of microporous membranes and various stainless steel filters, thus accumulating rich sales experience and laying a solid foundation for the company's sound development.
The company has won the recognition of customers all over the country based on diligence, truth-seeking, excellence, self-surpassing company tenet and the service tenet of high quality and honesty, so that the business volume continues to increase and the company's business is thriving.
Main products of the company:
Plate airtight filter (filter), filter element filter, titanium rod filter, double single layer filter, candle filter, positive pressure filter, bag filter, microporous pleated filter element, microporous filter membrane, Polypropylene filter membrane, nylon filter membrane, polytetrafluoroethylene filter membrane, stainless steel products.
The scope of use of company products:
Food industry: 1. High maltose syrup, glucose liquid activated carbon ultrafine precision filtration; 2. MSG decarburization and decolorization filtration; 3. Yeast, soy protein precision filtration; 4. Fruit juices, orange juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, tomato juice , Hawthorn juice, carrot juice, aloe juice, cactus juice, etc.; 5. Soy sauce, vinegar filtration; 6. Mineral water, liquor, beer, rice wine, wine, cooking wine, beverages, etc.
Pharmaceutical production: 1. In the production of injections in the pharmaceutical industry, filtration of injection liquids and precision filtration of injection bottle washing water; 2. Decolorization and decarburization filtration of decolorizing liquid and powdered activated carbon; 3. Catalysts (palladium carbon, copper, manganese, iron, nickel, etc.) ) Particle filtration; 4. Precise filtration of Chinese herbal extracts; 5. Microporous filtration of medicinal wine tonic liquid; 6. Filtration of fermentation broth; 7. Precise filtration of oral liquids such as Acanthopanax senticosus and Shuanghuanglian.
Wastewater treatment: 1. Heavy metal wastewater (electroplating wastewater, circuit board production wastewater, hot-dip galvanizing wastewater) battery wastewater, magnetic material wastewater, etc.; 2, fluorine-containing wastewater filtration; 3, coal mine wastewater filtration; 4, coal yard waste water Filtration; 5. Chemical production wastewater containing suspended solids; 6. Electronic and optical lens grinding liquid filtration; 7. Pigment latex waste paint water precision filtration.
Oil production: peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, salad oil, mustard oil, vegetable oil, tea oil, squeezed oil, sesame oil filtration water treatment industrial water, domestic water, tap water clarification filtration.


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