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What is the prospect of the filter industry

发布时间: 2020-09-24
Everyone knows that the filter production and sales industry is relatively new in our country. Therefore, the development situation is not very perfect, and many problems have been encountered. Therefore, today we will predict the future for you from the current status of the filter industry. development trend!
In recent years, the filter industry, which is just in its infancy, can be said to have continuous opportunities, providing good opportunities for various manufacturers. The current filters on the market have the following four main "technical schools":
1. Relying on activated carbon for adsorption, which has a purification effect but cannot sterilize;
2. Ion exchange resin technology can remove scale but not bacteria;
3. Pure water technology, which filters out bacteria directly by making pure water, but also filters out beneficial minerals in the water;
4. Ultrafiltration membrane technology, physical water purification based on membrane permeation filtration, can filter out bacteria in the water while retaining beneficial minerals in the water.

According to relevant reports, my country produces and sells about 10 million various types of purification equipment each year, and the drinking water market is also developing rapidly. However, the pollution of natural water sources in our country is becoming more and more serious, and the quality of urban tap water is not very satisfactory. The market prospect of this kind of purification equipment is still very bright, and the development space is quite broad.
Our domestic filter market is far from reaching the saturation point. Looking forward to the future, major manufacturers have unlimited opportunities. In the current Chinese filter market, equipment that uses fine glass fiber as the filter medium occupies a major position. However, more and more manufacturers have also begun to consider high-efficiency membrane filters and have begun production. Most experienced people believe that in the application of high efficiency filtration, membrane filters will gradually replace glass fiber filters in the near future.
Among them, the future development of high-temperature-resistant filters will be accelerated. At present, metal fiber and ceramic fiber filters have been widely used. Glass fiber composite inorganic membrane can strengthen the performance of the fiber, making the filter bag more resistant. High temperature, even at temperatures as high as 500 degrees can still be used. In this case, high-temperature filters will have a good market development space in thermoelectric engineering, coal gasification systems and waste incineration systems.
Globalization is an inevitable trend in the development of air filters. It is obvious that in developing countries, the purchase growth rate of filters is faster than that in developed countries. How to stimulate the rapid development of the filter market in the next few years? We can consider the following aspects:
1. A large number of new filter production plants;
2. The economic recovery in developed countries such as Europe and Japan also contributes to the development of the market;
3. Environmental protection is increasingly promoted and valued globally.
After combining the above analysis, we can see that the future development of the filter industry will be based on globalization, and technology is a key issue. Therefore, we should continue to improve technology from now on and accelerate the entire The healthy development of the industry.



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